Even if the existential threat to the company has been averted, the implementation determines the final success, as it involves the core business, which affects products, services, new TOM's or FTE counts, and thus often also fundamental core beliefs...

New ways needs motived staff with clear guidance and flexible change management.

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After all first emergency measures, the real work - the structured replanning and strictly monitored implementation - only begins. Especially for operational projects, we also implement methods for long-term safeguarding.

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The multi-dimensional Turnaround Execution strongly depends on the crisis situation.

In the event of a strategic/operational crisis or insolvency under self-administration, approved strategies must now be brought to life.

This involves strong, even controversial, change management combined with clear leadership, controlling, as well as, innovation or TQM. Possible corporate M&A task create additional complexity

In the unfortunate event of a irreversible bankrupcy or termination, a final production can still last months. Many legal aspects related to labor and corporate law have to be answered.

core result

Execute & Adapt is about carrying out the implementation of the defined project changes. Our focus lies on strong monitoring but preferably as well on an agile approach using methods like SAFe, to allow flexible responses to changing influences.

  • Seasoned Turn­around ExecutivesLong-standing Turnaround experience leads to fast success
  • Individually adap­ted executionGuided execution of approved strategies (oper., fin. or corporate / M&A).
  • Focus on modern leadership style A strong focus on the management style will set future collaboration
  • Network of experts for all your questions Dedicated expertise through our network (subject matter experts)
  • Resilient future-proof organization We will make your organization resilient, agile and future-proof
  • Turnaround management with empathy Experience and empathy is key to a successful turnaround
  • Open project culture & InnovationAn open culture leads to innovation and opportunities
  • Agility of the project organization Agile budgeting & execution adapts to changing requirements
  • Strong controlling but coaching too The right mix of controlling and coaching leads to results
  • Future-proof resilient PM organization We make your project organization resilient and future-proof