In a threatening risk of financial distress or a strategic crisis, shareholders and esp. creditors (next to possible legal steps) expect to see effective action to eliminate deeper crisis infection and secure future stability.

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In a project crisis, not much time is given to stop wasting resources and/or budget. But first of all trust and understanding has to be established within the project organization and external partners.

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core result

Triage & Rate is an important step to get the top management united in their ambition to generate instantly visible results. The method is used in executive workshops to evaluate fact-based current issues and define necessary turnaround actions.

core result

Triage & Rate is our method to get a rating on quick wins based on a magic "triangle" of 5D results, project plan & goals, and optimization potentials that provide clear guidance to the turnaround team.

  • 360° emergency mode activatedManagement and staff in "360° emergency mode"
  • Right crisis measures applied to survive "Evaluation & Triage" carried out to survive crisis situation
  • Financial stability achie­ved (short-term) Crisis measures focussing on financial stability, even when painful
  • All legal obligations fulfilled (esp. StarUG) Legal obligations fulfilled, especially in a looming crisis (StarUG)
  • Effective crisis contain­ment Effective crisis containment by experienced Turnaround Managers
  • Project team sworn in & on the same page Honest communication, project team as well as partners sworn in
  • Equal measures regardless of status Unbiased risk mitigation regardless of management level or status
  • The right set screws for every situation Strong project governance applied to improve T/B/Q adherence
  • Changes only where absolutely needed Goals redefined where needed, but kept where possible
  • Right methods applied by experience Right communication and methods applied by experience