A crisis - if not originated by natural disaster or unexpected external events - is typically evident, but not taken seriously because of deep-rooted habits and beliefs.

We are going to change this with undeniable --even legally reasoned-- facts and chained consequences!

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Unfortunate circumstances, lack of seniority, wrong management decisions, too many "alpha's".  ...Often it's a mix that brings the project to a halt.
Therefore (without any fingerpointing), we will re-evaluate the entire project and relentlessly reveal the truth.

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core result

A 5D IPR (Independent Business Review), alternatively, an IDW S6 Continuation Report, is a vital basis to support your ambition to strengthen your own positioning, convince board members or banks & creditors about the current situation and necessary actions.

Fact-based, it reveals the truth to break resistance or existing disbeliefs.

This also includes certificates according to section 270d InsO for the opening of self-administration or protective shield proceedings.

In severe cases an IDW S11 insolvency report evaluates possible insolvency facts.

core result

A 5D Audit (comprising five dimensions), or more officially, an IDW S850 Report, are a vital part to persuade yourself as well as stakeholders, and superior managers. It lays down a fact-based truth to prepare needed decisions.

  • Clear picture of company situation Clear and unbiased picture of the current company situation
  • Individual liability fully understood Strategies to avoid indivual  liabilities (e.g. §1 StaRUG)
  • Clarification of legal status Clarification on legal status and possible consequences
  • Support of banks or shareholders Banks, creditors or shareholders support a possible turnaround
  • Court or shareholder requests fulfilled Necessary preparation for court or shareholders' requests
  • Sparring partner on self-confidence Get a sparring partner to reinforce self-confidence
  • Support by possible allies securedSupport by management or other allies are secured
  • Unbiased picture of project situation Clear and unbiased picture of the current project situation
  • Interim ressource funding secured Interim funding secured, to have propper ressources 
  • Go-On decision paper prepared Decision paper is prepared and a turnaround decision expected.